Hello friends, happy Saturday! My quote for the day: “Life’s always better when you’re laughing.” — Unknown.



Hi friends! Most Wednesdays on Twitter I participate in a fun writing “game” called #1lineWed. The administrator chooses a weekly theme, and any writer or author who wishes to may post one line from their current UNpublished work relating to that theme. Some themes are quite challenging, and I look forward to Wednesdays! Today’s theme is “sun”, and this is a post from my latest work-in-progress, so far known as “Cooper”:

He’d learned these past five days, the sun set later the farther north he traveled, & May in Alaska meant sunset around 10 p.m.



Good morning, friends! This is a quote I’d like to share with all of you; it’s a bit of a teaser to summarize the emotion my lead character of the book I’m currently writing, Cooper, is feeling at this moment: “Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.” — Bob Seger, “Against The Wind”.


Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog, R.T.’s Random Tidbits. Hopefully, I’ll have a little something to leave every day.

I’m currently preparing to publish my fourth book, “Essex Valley: A Quiet, Nice Little Town”, my first true thriller! I’m also researching a new story which takes place in Alaska, an inspiring write about a young man, down on his luck.

Thanks for the visit, and I’ll see you soon!