Hi friends! Most Wednesdays on Twitter I participate in a fun writing “game” called #1lineWed. The administrator chooses a weekly theme, and any writer or author who wishes to may post one line from their current UNpublished work relating to that theme. Some themes are quite challenging, and I look forward to Wednesdays! Today’s theme is “sun”, and this is a post from my latest work-in-progress, so far known as “Cooper”:

He’d learned these past five days, the sun set later the farther north he traveled, & May in Alaska meant sunset around 10 p.m.



2 thoughts on “1/27/16

    1. Twitter is now my first stop on my computer every Wednesday morning, to find out the theme, so I have some time to think about what post to leave. It’s fun! Thanks for the visit; hope to see you again!


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