Hi friends! Today, I’m starting a new blog feature, Tidbit Tuesday. I’ll pick a small section or paragraph from either my current work-in-progress, or one of my previously published books, for your reading pleasure. Today’s Tidbit is from my newest release, Isle of OZ”. Thanks for the visit, and enjoy!

She realized she was lying in a little water. Did I pee in my bed? Am I sick? Where am I?

She heard a man cough just then. Huh? She opened her eyes a bit – tiny little slits, just enough so she could see. Yellow. There’s yellow all around me. But my bedroom walls are lavender.

Livi, you’re not in Iowa anymore.

She viewed the stranger there with her through her barely-open eyes. She vaguely remembered him from somewhere; she’d seen him before, but where? She remembered him walking past; he’d been carrying a small bag – that’s right, a black leather bag, with a strap over his shoulder. Tall and lean, with reddish-brown hair, closely cropped — he looked like law enforcement or a military type, with sparkly light blue eyes, chiseled features and a couple days growth of facial hair. Late thirties, she decided.

She moved her head a little and suddenly cried out in pain. “Ohhh… “

“Welcome back,” he said, “you’ve been out a long time.”

She tried to open her eyes wider but that sunshine was just too bright. “Here,” he moved closer to her and shaded them with his hand, “this help?”

Finally able to see, she was in a life raft, bobbing up and down on the open sea. How the hell did I get here?


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