Hi friends! My apologies for missing several days worth of blog posts but that’s a writer’s life!

Another Wednesday today means another #1lineWed on Twitter, and since I missed the past couple of weeks, I posted two today. Both are from my current work-in-progress, still tentatively titled “The Mink Man” but…

Anyway, the theme for today is anger. Here’s my first post:

Throwing his phone on the mattress, he yelled into a pillow as he kicked the sheets — an under-the-covers temper tantrum.

And here’s the second:

Lacey reported he walked in their kitchen door a few minutes later, “a whole pint drunk and two pints pissed”.

Thanks for dropping by, and have a lovely, non-anger-filled day! :o)



Hey, friends! I heard this great quote I’d like to share:

roller coaster

“There is no such thing as a failure who keeps trying. Coasting to the bottom is the only disgrace.”  –– Blues Traveler

Let’s just hope my roller coaster keeps headin’ uphill.