“Isle of OZ: An Accidental Adventure”

You’ll find no Dorothy, Toto or flying monkeys in this book! What you will find are two polar opposites named Olivia and Zackariah — she, a snotty reporter and he, a Navy Seal Commander — who’ve just survived a horrific plane crash at sea. After their life raft washes ashore, they’re stranded together on an uncharted island. While Zack knows the dangers all too well, Olivia can’t seem to figure out they’re in any trouble at all, and proves her cluelessness is more harmful than the pirates they’re suddenly trying to evade. Zack deserves much credit, as most people would’ve simply thrown Olivia out of their life raft and into the deep blue sea the very first day.

A short, fun, romantic comedy, this is my third book, published in 2015. Available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions.




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