And that’s no Bull!

Hi friends! I wasn’t ever gonna use my blog to write about TV, but there’s a new series I want to share with you. It’s called Bull, and it’s great! Dr. Jason Bull is a “trial psychologist”, who screens juries during criminal trials; courtroom scenes are shot as though jurors are speaking to him through their minds. He also uses a “mirror jury”, with almost exact replicas of the real jurors, to aid in his assessment of what the actual jury is thinking as the trial progresses. A cool premise, and a well-acted series that I highly recommend. Tuesday nights on CBS.



Believe in yourself. If they like who you are, they’ll follow.

Hi friends!

I’ve recently had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of an award-winning author when she reviewed two of my books, “Essex Valley: A Quiet, Nice Little Town” and my very first, “Missing Elizabeth.”

She left me terrific reviews for both. I really couldn’t be happier, but the reason for this post is because with her kind words, she’s given me such an incredible ego boost! I was at a point with my current work-in-progress, “The Mink Man”, wherein I was close to setting in down; I just couldn’t concentrate on it. I was beginning to think my writing literally sucked. This writer has left me with such an incredible feeling that, while I’m still struggling to make Mink Man the best it can be, I know that the story I end up with, will be a good one. I’ll never please everyone, so I’m not gonna worry about it. All that matters is, if I’m happy with my work, and can entertain some — or hopefully, most —  who choose to read it, then I’ve accomplished my goal.


Wish me luck!

Hi, friends! I’ve entered my latest release, “Essex Valley: A Quiet, Nice Little Town” into the Best Book Contest! A terrifying yet exciting experience, and I’m now happily anticipating November, when results are announced. Keep your fingers crossed — all hail Essex Valley and my main characters, Evan, Stevie, Josh, Brian, Freddy and Kate! Lunch at the Purple Dragonfly, anyone?



Hello, friends! HUGE apologies for being absent for so long!

It’s #1lineWed again, and today’s theme is “water”. My post today has been my most successful, with more retweets and likes than I’ve ever received! It’s a line from my current work-in-progress, The Mink Man:

The moon cast its reflection upon the water, a long streak of yellow guiding the silent ripples heading toward lakeshore.


Hi friends! My apologies for missing several days worth of blog posts but that’s a writer’s life!

Another Wednesday today means another #1lineWed on Twitter, and since I missed the past couple of weeks, I posted two today. Both are from my current work-in-progress, still tentatively titled “The Mink Man” but…

Anyway, the theme for today is anger. Here’s my first post:

Throwing his phone on the mattress, he yelled into a pillow as he kicked the sheets — an under-the-covers temper tantrum.

And here’s the second:

Lacey reported he walked in their kitchen door a few minutes later, “a whole pint drunk and two pints pissed”.

Thanks for dropping by, and have a lovely, non-anger-filled day! :o)


Hey, friends! I heard this great quote I’d like to share:

roller coaster

“There is no such thing as a failure who keeps trying. Coasting to the bottom is the only disgrace.”  –– Blues Traveler

Let’s just hope my roller coaster keeps headin’ uphill.